The Good thing about Zumba is that it’s not just dancing. It really is about connecting with people and making a difference.


Benefits of Zumba: 

  • HIGH-CALORIE BURN – Upto 600-1000 calories per hour
  • FULL BODY WORKOUT – Targets all your muscles
  • FUN-FILLED WORKOUT – You don’t even feel like you are exercising
  • FITS EVERY FITNESS LEVEL – You can adapt your current fitness level
  • MORE MOTIVATION – The friendly atmosphere, energy, and music gives you the motivation to come back
  • IMPROVED CARDIOVASCULAR FITNESS – Strengthens your heart, lungs, and vascular system
  •  INCREASED INTENSITY – Zumba classes ensure a high-intensity workout
  •  BETTER COORDINATION – You learn to control your body
  • IMPROVED MENTAL FITNESS – Melts stress away, boosts your mood, and makes you feel happier.


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